Richard Oborn


I hold a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and Diploma in Hypnotherapy. I am a Registered Psychologist under State and National arrangements since July 1975. I hold endorsement for Clinical Psychology under National arrangements.

I am a member of the Australian Psychological Society, the College of Clinical Psychologists, the Australian Pain Society, and the Australian Association of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I have been active in a range of professional bodies over the years, including the Psychologists’ Council of South Australia, the College of Clinical Psychologists, and the Australian Psychological Society. Service, more broadly, includes project work with WorkCover SA. I continue to supervise Masters students for Registration under the Universities Placement Allocation Committee, and provisionally registered psychologists under internship arrangements..

I have run my private psychology practice since 1995, full-time since February 2001. I am a sole practitioner, so I personally see all clients who attend my rooms.

In addition to my current work as a full-time private practitioner, I have worked with organizations helping the intellectually disabled, dealing with multi-disciplinary services for musculo-skeletal injury, worked in the field of relationship counselling, done assessment work for the Australian Army, and hold adjunct lecturing positions at Masters level in two of Adelaide’s Universities.