Richard Oborn specializes in dealing with the psychological consequences of persisting injury, arising mainly from motor vehicle and workplace accidents. This speciality relates to other workplace occurrences such as stress and adjustment. It has also provided experience in dealing with trauma from current, prior, or childhood events. Richard also deals with referrals from General Practitioners for mental health issues.

This experience has provided insight into the complexity, progression, and connectedness of changes that arise from such events.

In providing a service I do not follow any particular approach as I have found one approach alone does not meet the variety of issues and experiences amongst people. That said, I generally follow cognitive-behavioural and acceptance and commitment approaches. I am also trained to provide hypnotherapy services.

I only work with people aged from 18 years up to around 75 years of age, believing that the needs of people outside these age ranges create significant differences.

I provide services under arrangements with WorkCover, Motor Vehicle Accident Commission, and Medicare. I do not currently charge a gap for services provided under Medicare, but reserve the right to do so if circumstances change in the future.